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S.E.A. is an initiative of residents and visitors of the Stavros area. Our mission is to protect a sensitive area of ​​ecological, historical and social importance and preserve it for future generations.

The opposition movement against the construction of a sewage pumping station on the beach of Pachia Ammos was formed in November 2022 by a small group of residents, neighbors and visitors. Within a few weeks, the protest expanded with tens of thousands of supporters in Greece and abroad. Today, over 70,000 signatures have been collected against the construction of the sewage pumping station at this site.


According to article 24 of the Hellenic Constitution, the protection of the natural and cultural environment is an obligation of the State and a right of everyone. Our aim is to do our duty as citizens and environmentally aware members of society: to ensure that the authorities in charge will follow the relevant legislation for the protection of the landscape, the biodiversity, and the archaeological landmarks of Stavros.


Beyond our urgent action to save Pachia Ammos beach, we plan ongoing activities to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy environment. And to educate young and old about sustainable ways to go forward into the future!


We also aim to alert other groups of the importance of this area. We want this association to play a "universal" role in terms of citizen engagement and to share our knowledge, support and experience with other environmental initiatives.

Board members.

Malika Tzamaridaki



Vice President

Spiros Patrelakis

General Secretary



Giorgos Tzamaridakis


Honorary Members.

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Deborah & Andy Doig

Audit Committee.

Thanasis Chaldeakis



Vice president

Panagiota Paradisi



Catharina Delmarcel
Social Media & Communication

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Sea Shepard

Defend - Protect - Preserve

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