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Building awareness


Being aware of the nature and sharpen our view on its beauty is a key to understand the impacts of human behavior on it and it clearly shows us the importance of environmental protection. If we are aware of the fragility of our eco-system, we can start fixing the issues that are threatening it. We are raising awareness by promoting an environmental-ecological friendly culture among children and adolescents and organising various activities to discover the beauty of the flora and fauna in Stavros.

An African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone! If you want to go far, go with others!” The task of environmental protection ahead is huge, and we want to join forces with other communities and associations to develop a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual assistance for the protection of our environment. If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us via e-mail or directly at our premises. 

Monitoring developments

The Stavros area is in the centre of our attention, and we will continuously observe and monitor the projects and activities of public and private bodies that concern our natural environment.  In this way, when problems come up and threaten the eco-system, a quick and effective strategy to protect the area can be established, transparency and information of the citizens and visitors are ensured, and adequate actions and events can be organised in due time. 

Attracting volunteers


Political issues

Are you  a citizen of Stavros or a visitor who just enjoys the natural beauty of Stavros for a while? Do you  feel that we all have to become more active to protect our planet? Are  you happy to meet people who share the same vision? Do you want to spend some time in a fruitful and creative atmosphere? Well, visit us at our office and we will find exciting options for your involvement!

We will utilize all legal forms of mobilization and activities to stand up for our nature. We will use every suitable legal means to inform the public opinion and the Public Administration and will support legal battles regarding the protection of the environment. We will be the “voice” of Mother Nature!

One of our main goals is to observe and influence authorities at local, national and international level. We will address the public administrations and judicial authorities and seek
representation of our Association in Municipal Councils, State Commissions and other relevant Organizations on issues that directly or indirectly concern the purpose of our Association.


David Ben Ivgi
SAVE PACHIA AMMOS BEACH – home to the sea turtle (English version)
David Ben Ivgi

SAVE PACHIA AMMOS BEACH – home to the sea turtle (English version)

Pachia Ammos beach, Stavros, is one of the rare clean and untouched beaches on the north side of Chania. This beautiful natural haven is not only a much-loved public beach, open to all, but it is also a nesting ground for the endangered Carreta carreta sea turtle or loggerhead turtle. Every year, more and more eggs are found and protected on this beach. In the sand, white sea lilies Pancratium maritinum grow, another endangered species. At the north end, there is an archeological site with an ancient quarry, and a petrified forest where rare rhizomes were recently discovered. Now, the municipality of Chania has decided to build a sewage pumping station right on this beach (at point A44) with a surface of 150 sq.m and depth of min. 6 m. This is a serious threat with huge ecological consequences for the sea turtles and for other marine and plant life. And of course for the people living in Stavros and for the visitors coming to enjoy its natural beauty! In case of technical difficulties or power cuts, of which there are many, sewage will end up on the beach, destroying the animal and plant life. The sewage pump station will emit a nasty smell. And it will no longer be a safe spot for the many families who now enjoy the sandy beach and clear water. The plant will also block the walking trail to the archeological zone, an area of public interest. The Environmental Impact Study (EIA) that should be done before such a project has never been shown to the residents of the area and cannot be found. In 1973, the area of Stavros was characterized in as a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, which needs special state protection (Government Gazette 1242 / B / 1973), while the Ecological Initiative of Chania has submitted a request for the area of Stavros to receive candidate status for inclusion in the Natura 2000 Network. Furthermore, the residents of Stavros were never informed or consulted about this project. This is contrary to the Greek legislation of Art. 86 law 3852/2010, and to E.U. laws on information and consultation with the right to exchange views or even objections by institutions and citizens. According to Article 24 of the Constitution, the protection of the natural and cultural environment is an obligation of the State and a right of everyone. The residents and friends of Pachia Ammos believe in the need for a new sewage plant in the area. But they think that this is not the right location for the A44 pumping station. It will destroy a sensitive area of ecological, cultural and social importance. Please sign this petition in support of the protest. And help us save this beautiful and important bay for future generations!
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